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Sponsors & Advertisers

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The main goals of the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra are to bring quality orchestral music to the communities it serves, and encourage involvement of young people by featuring outstanding music students as players and soloists.

As in most arts organizations, ticket sales cover just a small percentage of our costs. Additional monies are derived from donations, advertising sales, sponsorships, and grants. In addition to our regular opportunities, our special sponsorship program offers a unique opportunity to showcase your support. We hope your business will take part.

Our concert programs are printed on high-quality glossy stock for maximum clarity and readability, and are seen by up to 1,800 audience members, as well as all orchestra members and support personnel.

We invite you to read more about our Sponsorship Program, which includes a full page ad, complementary tickets, announcement from the stage, and more.

If a sponsorship isn't right for your business, but you still wish to support the arts in your community, please read about our Advertising Program.

And of course you can always make a contribution as an individual supporter.

If you are interested in sponsorships or advertising opportunities, please contact Roger Nash at roger@LRSO.org or 603-455-6866. Thank you for your support.